Rwanda Natural


Rushashi, Rwanda

Quality & Process

Natural Process


Red Bourbon


Rutabo Village microlot - Abakundakawa Cooperative

Washing Station



1800 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

Cupping Score





This Side Up Coffees

Tasting notes

Sweet and balanced coffee with creamy textured body, hints of bergamot and rosehip, with a light black tea leaf flavour finish.

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Detailed cup profile

A classic high-grade coffee from Rwanda! This red bourbon varietal is shade grown and sun dried allowing this naturally sweeter bean to mature for longer. This delivers so many complex and unusual flavour possibilities that every drink is a brilliant experience.

This is a bright, medium acidity coffee. A faint orange blossom and citrus aroma with notes of jasmin and rose. A buttery body with flavours of milk chocolate, cinnamon, plum and fresh tea leaves, which carry over into the aftertaste.

Perfect preparation

A richly flavoured and textured espresso; drip filter; all milky coffees.

Whole beans
Medium grind

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We believe we have a responsibility and a role in the coffee chain, from crop to cup to connect more coffee consumers to coffee farmers. Coffee is not just our passion; it is our daily ritual, our inspiration, our motivation.

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