February 2023

Roasters Choice



Brazil, Parana region


Honey Natural


Catuai, IPR

Washing Station



700-1100 m.a.s.l.

Cupping Score





This Side Up Coffees; Capricornio Coffees

Tasting notes

Sweet, thick chocolate and caramel, a great body, beautifully round and balanced cup.

Detailed cup profile

Our natural process coffee from Brazil has all the chocolatey-ness you hope for and expect from a Brazil bean, as well as the slightly heavy body. But it is soft, with subtle hints of walnuts and a sweetness of honey and caramel. A brilliantly intense espresso, it’s also has the body and acidity to shine through in cappuccinos and lattes.

Background story

Achieving quality and consistency is not easy when you’re a farmer, with changing weather and different circumstances on a yearly or even seasonal basis, to match the exact same flavor profile as last year. It might even be impossible. For this reason, the team of Q-graders of Capricornio Coffees, as part of their 4 Seasons Project, cup all the coffees of the more than a dozen partner fazendas and farmer groups, grade them according to their flavour and quality, and then make farmer blends, solely based on taste. The Dulce signature blend is chosen from 12 specially selected estates and represents the best of the Parana region in the state of Sao Paulo. It shows that Brazilian coffee can be high in quality and complex in taste, while being competitive in pricing and forward thinking in sustainability.

Perfect preparation

Excellent in all milk drinks (and especially with a great Oat milk alternative); intense chocolatey espresso and thick moka pot drink.

Brewing guide

We like this high grade Brazil coffee as an espresso based milk drink such as a cappuccino, flat white or latte. The sweetness of the better oat milks also provides a perfect complement.

Here’s how we make the espresso component in our espresso machine:

  • 18g fine grind coffee IN
  • 40ml coffee OUT
  • 30 seconds EXTRACTION TIME

Will work well with any at home coffee machine as espresso or milky drink. This coffee will also taste awesome as a short Americano, in a moka pot, filter machine or using an Aeropress. You can refer to our full brewing guide for all coffee gadgets in your Dashboard.

Whole beans
Fine grind

You can find a full Brewing Guide in your Dashboard when you become a subscriber to our Coffee Club.

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We believe we have a responsibility and a role in the coffee chain, from crop to cup to connect more coffee consumers to coffee farmers. Coffee is not just our passion; it is our daily ritual, our inspiration, our motivation.

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